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A large boat shaped object has been kept in the roof of the Guildhall for many years. The reason it had never been moved was that it was too wide to go through the doors. So how did it get there? Mystery. Current thinking is that it is a torpedo of the Napeleonic War period intended to be packed with gunpowder and flints and deployed against hostile warships. It was devised for the Admirality by US citizen Roberet Fulton in 1805.
Black Horse Regulars
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The current display of photographs in the Museum features the sailing barges and other sailing vessels that used to link Sandwich with London, Newcastle and the Baltic.     Click on the picture to see more.
The Market at Sandwich gave the name to Cattle Market in the centre of the town. It has been many years since there were any cattle for sale there so you may wonder what it used to look like. Fortunately many photographs were taken from the 1880's so you can see how things were arranged by clicking on the picture on the left.
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Sandwich Guildhall Archive has collections of books, documents, photographs, postcards, maps and objects with relevance to the history of the Ancient Town & Cinque Port of Sandwich.

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Sandwich Guildhall Archive exists to present and interpret the history of the Ancient Town and Cinque Port of Sandwich and its immediate surrounding areas.